Elevate your herb game with the V Syndicate Smart Stash – Large! Designed to protect both your vibes and your stash, this storage jar from V Syndicate ensures your buds stay fresh day in and day out. Experience the ultimate herb storage solution with its built-in grinder plate, allowing you to conveniently grate and store on the go, eliminating the need for a bulky rotary grinder.

Not only does this stash kit provide efficient storage, but it also includes a humidity packet, keeping your herbs in optimal condition. The included funnel makes filling the jar a breeze, while the wooden lid, secured with magnets, adds a touch of elegance and ensures a tight seal.

With three size options available, you can choose the perfect fit for your needs. The large jar stands 5″ tall and has a generous capacity of 1 ounce of flower. Whether you opt for the small jar at 3.5″ tall with a ¼ ounce capacity or the medium jar at 4″ tall with a capacity of a ½ ounce, each size offers a convenient and stylish way to store and enjoy your favorite herbs.

Upgrade your herb storage experience with the V Syndicate Smart Stash – Large and enjoy the convenience, freshness, and versatility it brings to your stash. Elevate your vibes and take your herb game to new heights!

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THC Elemental Yellow, Owllusion Turquoise, Hamsa Turquoise, Illuminati Green, Hamsa Yellow, High Elevation Blue, THC Elemental Blue, Illuminati Yellow, Owllusion Orange, High Elevation Pink


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