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Happy Weed Friends

The Story

So there we were and friend and I talking about how cannabis is becoming legal and how awesome it would be to get into the market!

But what would we provide and what would we need to get started?  Well first a business name!

Happy Weed Friends came from a show my friend and I watched back in the day, called Happy Tree Friends.  NGL… but it is a pretty gory animated cartoon.  I’ll spare the details and let you dive into that rabbit hole yourself… lol but Happy Weed Friends came from that name, but instead of gore and death, its people like him and I, like you and others who love weed!

Happy Weed Friends is more than a business name, its a statement that those who enjoy weed are happy and friendly!  Not only that but your love for weed goes beyond traditional “lets get high just because” scenarios or “stoner parties”.  Your cannabis use allows you to function in society, gives you a sense of courage or uplifting, makes you feel grounded, manages your pain, and so much more!

And that’s it!  You get the idea… move the words around, read them in different tones, think on “What is a happy weed friend” to you?  Better yet are you a Happy Weed Friend?


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