Universal Cleaning Plugs





These eco-friendly cork cleaning plugs are your best friends when it comes to cleaning. They offer a quick and effective solution for sealing up any openings in just a matter of seconds. No more using your hands, paper towels or saran wrap to seal your openings.

These are made to be compatible with most glass sizes. From 14mm up to 35mm openings.

This is an essential tool in making your life easier.


Material: Sustainably harvested cork

Size: 14 – 18mm (Small), 20 – 35mm (Big)

Compatible with: 14 – 18mm Joints, 20 – 35mm Mouthpieces

Set: 1 Set consists of 1 big cork and 1 small cork

Complimentary on presets

This item is complimentary when buying any of our featured set.

Additional information

Weight 0.044 kg
Dimensions 7.62 × 7.62 × 7.62 cm

1 Set (1 x Big Plug, 1 x Small Plug), 2 Sets (2 x Big Plugs, 2 x Small Plugs)


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