The Hourglass Mouthpiece


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The straight tube is a classic among bongs and this piece embraces that heritage. With minimum obstructions that restrict airflow, allowing for quick, effortless draws and most importantly a strong hit.

An hourglass ice catcher rest at the base of this piece, awarding you a more refreshed hit when topped with ice.

Engineered for a comfortable fit for most lip sizes, the opening sits at 35mm which is perfect for taking hits over and over.

Made from non-porous laboratory grade Borosilicate glass. It will not absorb odors or chemical residues.



Glass Thickness: 5mm
Ice catcher: Hourglass
Mouth opening: 35mm
Wall Diameter: 45mm
Height: 10″ (25cm)
Volume: 8.5 fl oz (250ml)
Material: Laboratory Grade Borosilicate


1 x Cleaning cap ($10 value)
* Connector rings sold separately


Images are for reference only. As each piece is individually hand-crafted, slight variations can occur.

By purchasing this product, you will help plant one tree.

Additional information

Weight 0.9979 kg
Dimensions 7.62 × 7.62 × 33.02 cm


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