STR8 Flower Mill Remix Grinder - 4 Piece - 53mm - Black (1 Count)


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  • 4 Piece
  • 53 mm
  • Black
  • Fluffy, Consistent Burning Flower | The unique milling process never tears the flower, resulting in a lighter, fluffier product which is easier to roll and burns more evenly.
  • Complete Milling | The unique milling chamber design naturally crumbles and pushes flower through the diffuser screen, meaning less time spent removing partially processed product.
  • Easy Disassembly | The lower catch unthreads with only a quarter turn, meaning no more fumbling and ultimately spilled flower or dropped parts.
  • Easy Cleaning | All parts fully disassemble to allow complete access and total cleanliness.
  • Magnetic Lid | Strong magnets hold the lid to the housing for transportation and storage.

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