Linea Ashcatcher


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Linea / Lin – ne – a / noun 

Are you still not using an ashcatcher? Then you’re missing out big time. With the help of the 7 hole diffuser and a little water, this piece will trap all your ash and debris in its chamber instead of going into the main bong, thus keeping your piece cleaner for longer.

Enjoy up to 5x as many rips before cleaning is required.
Made with the same high-quality standards as our VITAE bongs.  


Fits 14mm joints
Suitable for straight 90 or 45 degree joints
Compatible with all VITAE bases
Perc: 7 hole diffuser
H 3″ W 2.5″ L 2″

Product Story

Linea / Lin – ne – a / noun 

Linea comes from the Latin word meaning line. This piece is meant to represent light waves transcending through space and time. Imagine you’re travelling at light speed or reentering Earth’s atmosphere within this cone shaped shuttle.

This piece has been sandblasted, in a way that allows light to shine out through its lines from within. Add a little water, place your cellphone flashlight underneath and enjoy the mesmerizing light effects, as it refracts from within the piece. 

How to Use

This ashcatcher can be used with or without water.

When adding water, add just enough to cover the holes. Too much water will overflow into your piece and you don’t want that. After filling, give it a couple of test rips to drawer out any extra water.  

This is made to function more as an ashcatcher and not so much a percolator.

Avoid adding too much water. 

Additional information

Weight 0.3175 kg
Dimensions 12.7 × 12.7 × 12.7 cm


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