Grav Labs 7" Stax Dual Inline Base - Clear


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Grav Labs 7″ Stax Dual Inline Base – Clear
The STAX� Dual-Function Base is 7″ tall and made on 44mm tubing. Its twin intake chambers are designed to accommodate both plant matter and plant extract consumption. The left chamber features a 14mm male joint, fitted with a 14mm female domeless nail made on heat-tolerant quartz. The right chamber features a 14mm female joint, fitted with a 14mm STAX� Funnel Bowl. Both joints can be blocked to focus airflow to the opposing joint using the pipe’s 14mm male-female reversible glass plug. The two lower chambers converge on an inline perc. The dual-function base can accommodate any STAX� percolator or mouthpiece and works best with approximately 2″ of water


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